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    Night time light/temp

    We have a 10 gallon tank for 1 leo. I read that I should allow Temps to drop around 75 for night time, however the red bulb still gives off a decent amount

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    More breeding behavior questions

    I fed mine tonight. I was going to wait until tomorrow but I am going out of town the next 2 days unexpectedly for a conference. 1 of the girls ate

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    Gecko Time: Crested Gecko Wild Caught “Pure Bloodlines”

    Find out about Belgian gecko keeper Farah Pooters wild caught “pure bloodlines” crested geckos. Hopefully you will be as surprised as we were about where

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    More breeding behavior questions

    I feed mine Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. During egg-laying season, sometimes the females come to the front with that hungry look when it's

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    I use reptile carpet on the cool side (76-80 degrees F) and slate tiles on the warm side (82-86 degrees F) for several reasons. There are pros & cons

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