New geckos and old faces
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    Default New geckos and old faces

    Been a while since my last post - and while the cat's away she will buy geckos

    Got four new ladies a couple of weeks ago, all have been settling in nicely, here's a little look at them.

    First up a 2013 tremper sunglow I've named "Casper". I love how orange she is. I don't think she has much love for me yet LOL.

    And another tremper sunglow a 2014 girlie I've called "Annabelle". Not quite as bright as Casper but still lovely.

    And a little 2014 mack tremper "Spook" - I hope next year she might like to meet Hex (my male tremper mack) and make me some tremper super snows

    And this little girl is an oddball but I really like her and she had to come and join the collection. This is "Banshee" tremper PRS possible mack. She's quite a shy little thing.

    And while we're here we might as well see some old faces - literally

    Hex Man



    And Wobble

    Thanks for looking

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    Gorgeous geckos! Spook looks like she is walking on thin air! LOL

    What is a Tremper PRS? Not familiar with the shorthand.
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    Ouija is beautiful!

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    Wow, Casper is mega orange. Great group you're building.
    Rachel Gratis ~ Leopard gecko hobbyist, animal aficionado

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowana View Post
    Gorgeous geckos! Spook looks like she is walking on thin air! LOL

    What is a Tremper PRS? Not familiar with the shorthand.
    I think PRS stands for patternless reverse stripe, we're not 100% sure what has come through in this little one, she was extremely drab when hatched but her breeder says she gets brighter and more interesting with every shed so I can't wait to see how she turns out - her pairing was white and yellow tremper mack her RAPTOR to a patternless RAPTOR.

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