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    I have had my leopard gecko Tiger Lilly for 5 years now. I feed her locusts. She used to hunt them but now I have to feed the to her by hand because when I put them in, she just comes back to the glass like she hasn't seen them. I don't know if this is a problem with her, or something I'm doing. Any suggestionss would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to GF! I can't tell you how many geckos I have that seem to need that personal touch to eat. Your choices are to give in and hand feed her or to wait her out. To make things easier, you could remove all the furniture when you feed her, or use a piece of plexiglass or other material to block off part of the enclosure so it's smaller and there's less area for hunting.


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    Thanks so much, i'll try this with her tonight!

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