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    Exclamation How often and how much should I feed my leopard gecko?

    I have been reading ALOT lately on how to take care of Leopard Geckos because I am getting one. The only thing that I have been confused about is how much and how often I should feed my Leopard Geckos. I have gotten so many different answers so can you please tell me what you do to keep your Gecko happy and healthy?

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    I keep 3 leos at home. Each has a mealie worm dish in its enclosure. When they are new to you, you'll want to only put 10 in the dish so that you can keep tabs on if they are eating or not. That's the biggest concern of anyone new to leos, it seems.

    Once your leo is eating regularly you'll be able to add more to the dish without worrying.

    If he doesn't seem to eat from the dish you can try dropping the mealies in front of him.

    Be sure to find out what your leo was eating when you purchased him. He may not be used to mealies.

    Good luck!
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