Did your gecko eat the first time you fed it?

View Poll Results: Did your gecko eat the first time you fed it?

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  • Yes, my gecko ate all the food

    63 53.85%
  • Yes, my gecko ate some of the food

    23 19.66%
  • No, my gecko ate none of the food that I provided

    31 26.50%
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    Arrow Did your gecko eat the first time you fed it?

    Did your gecko eat the first time you fed it? I'm just wondering because my gecko ate right away the first time I fed it and I just want to know other peoples' experiences.

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    It took at least a week for my geckos to settle in. I offered food earlier but they wouldn't take it until about a week after I got them.

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    As for new arrivals? Depends, I've had some that ate the very same day they arrived. Others it took a couple of days, one took a week, another went on a food strike for 3 weeks (turns out she was ovulating, she's eating now).

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    mine came from pet-co so they eat 1st day =D

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    I got mine from the first expo that I went to.
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    Some of mine ate the first time and some didn't. Funny thing I got 3 new ones in yesterday and the 2 youngest ate everything I gave them the first night and the oldest has not eaten yet. It just depends on the leo.
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    I had one of my females eat 5 min after putting her in the cage, then a male that wouldn't eat for a month. It all depends on the geckos

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    Mine took some supers in the car on the 3 hour ride back to my place.

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    I got mine from a reptile show, and he had no problems eating, he wasn't fond of crickets at first, so stuck to mealies till he was ready. Now he'll eat both without any problems. He loves hunting for either. When I say that, I mean he'll go to the mealworm dish and do his little funny stance, I call it the Hunter Stance, and get all excited at mealtime! It's so funny to watch him eat!
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    Neara just went for it no problem.
    The SHTCTB looked at it for a little bit and then ate it. That lasted for two days. Now he's all over them. E. macularius R. ciliatus Betta splendens Gekko Gecko Labrador's

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