Gecko acting strangely in new tank for the past month! Please help!

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    Default Gecko acting strangely in new tank for the past month! Please help!

    My gecko is a little over a year old. She was a perfectly happy and healthy little gecko since I bought her last year. I had her in a 10 gallon tank her whole life until about a month ago when I decided to upgrade to a 20 gallon tank.

    I kept the exact layout to her original tank. I changed the warm moist hide from a small to a medium cave. Same brand and look just slightly bigger. I kept the decorations in the same spot, but added a new flower. I changed her cool hide from a small little cave to a much larger one she can climb on. Water dish in the same spot. Worm dish same spot. I have tiles as a flooring and I used the same color and style tile. The tank looks very much the same but only overall bigger. I know for her it will still seem very different but I kept it as similar as I could to her old 10 gallon tank.

    For a few days she seemed fine. Maybe a little weirded out, but I was surprised how well she took the change. Exploring a lot, climbing on the new cool hide and checking out the new tank. But after a few days she went in her cool hide and has stayed there basically 90% of the time for the last month. She will occasionally come out to eat or to warm up. Especially if she sees I put her worm dish in. She still poops and doesn't seem to be losing weight or anything. But she simply wont leave the cool hide. A couple weeks ago she started to come out more for a few days and it seemed maybe she was getting back to normal. But now she is back to being in there almost all the time.

    Before the tank change she would sleep every night in her warm hide. Now I've seen her in there maybe 4 or 5 times in the past month. She basically sleeps every night in the cool hide. And if I do get a chance to pick her up when she leaves she is freezing! I've seen her come out a few times and lay on the warm side. She even fell asleep once outside of the hide on the warm side. But overall her attitude is much different. She doesn't like to be handled as much anymore. Before she would walk right into my hand. She just seems stressed out. She has a very distinct personality and I can tell she has changed. Just laying in her cool hide all the time, day and night. When I peek in she's mostly awake but just chilling in there.

    I know it can take a couple of weeks for a gecko to adjust to a new environment but it's been a little over a month now and she still seems strange. She never really even seemed to like her old cool hide but now she won't leave her new one. Should I just give her more time? Should I totally leave her alone or try to handle her? Should I put her back in her old setup? I don't know what to do and I'm getting worried! I want my old gecko back.

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    Welcome to GF! I can't tell you definitively what to do, but here are some thoughts:
    Do you have AC? It's hot out and she may want to be cooler
    Try putting the original warm and cool hides back for now to see if she likes those better. Some geckos like to be squished into a small space
    I find that geckos do change as time goes by. They love being in one particular place for a long time and then suddenly they like being in another place. I'm not saying that she's never going to change from what she is now, but it's possible that the combination of the new space and her natural changeability has caused things to be less than satisfactory. So try replacing the old hides and give her some more time to figure things out.


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    Another thing to check is whether she is ovulating. My females definitely get grumpy, and they can cycle for several months.
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    Thanks! I appreciate the suggestions. She has been more of her old self the last couple of days so we will see what happens!

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