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    Default Leopard Gecko Overbite

    Hey everyone!

    I have a question and have some pictures...

    So I was wondering if this Leopard Gecko overbite that my partners Gecko has is a problem?

    I've read that it can be a cause of MBD however my partner dusts every meal given to the little one.

    Here's a few pictures of the legs and general frame of the Gecko plus its overbite which are in the gyazo links, the forum was giving me an error while trying to upload jpegs.

    Thank you very much!!!

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    It doesn't look too severe to me and the gecko's body looks fine. Usually if it's MBD the legs are bowed and the gecko can't eat because it's jaw is too rubbery. It may just be a mild birth defect, but if it's not preventing the gecko from eating normally, it's nothing to worry about.


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    Thank you very much for replying, glad to see that it's ok.

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