aft as a first time reptile owner

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    Question aft as a first time reptile owner

    for the last little while I've been reading reading and watching videos on caring for a leopard gecko I went to a friend's house that had many leo's and fell in love right there and then. I've acquired everything I would need to care for one and today I was finally ready to go purchase one and the place I went to only had aft , so I came home and started looking on caring for an aft and I think I really would like to get an aft but is this a good first time gecko pet or should I keep with my original plan ?

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    Welcome to GF. It's a fine first pet. The care is very similar to that of a leo except they need more humidity. I keep my AFT's in planted tanks (which is not necessary) and mist the tank every morning. They are a bit more reclusive than leos and are easy to handle.


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