heating dilema (long as i will give as much details )

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    Unhappy heating dilema (long as i will give as much details )

    this is my first reptile ever. I read everything I could on them before I purchased and felt like this was a right choice for me. I started buying everything I would need around Christmas time and received my a.f.t the end of January since purchasing him cannot regulate the heat in his enclosure. I have purchase everything the pet store as suggested but nothing has worked

    29 gal tank- changed to a 20
    under tank heat pad changed twice thinking it was defective and went to a smaller size
    reptile temp thermostat
    eco earth
    reptile carpet
    digital thermometer probe under substrate/ probe on substrate

    no matter what I try I cannot get the heat below 96 most times it stays around 98

    I'm starting to think I might not be a reptile owner
    right now I sit by the enclosure and every 30min switch off/on the heat pad

    I thought reptile keeping was going to be less complicated

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    Those temperatures are perfectly fine for AFTs so I wouldn't be too concerned. Are you sure it's not the thermostat that's not working properly? Have you tried putting the thermostat on the lowest setting and seeing if the temperature changes?

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