My Gecko Is Hissing!?!?
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    Default My Gecko Is Hissing!?!?

    My friend came over yesterday and was really kinda jumpy with her and i think my African Fat-Tailed, Nessie is now aggressive towards, me. She was hissing at me so i tong fed her crickets, maybe she was hungry, what should i do!?

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    please, would appreciate some help here

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    They do sometimes hiss when they get nervous. One of my male fat tails hisses whenever I open his hide. It's just their way of saying "watch out". They do remember some things, but don't really "hold it against you". The next time you go to her cage, put your hand in and gently move it near her. She'll probably lick it to find out more about it. Try to be calm. If you're worried about her hissing then you'll be nervous too and she may pick up on that. Just keep feeding her regularly and try to be calm around her and everything should work out.

    **I also moved your thread to the appropriate sub-forum. Please be sure to post in the proper sub-forum. That will also help in getting quicker responses (though sometimes it does take people awhile to get around to reading the forums --as you can see it's 11:15 pm and I just got around to it a little while ago)
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