A cricket conundrum...
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    Hi guys

    So I bought a three month old crestie yesterday, the first night went smoothly- eaten some of the CGD and I turned on a red light very briefly and saw her jumping around. The shop told me she was eating crickets and I'm eager to keep her going on that but my issue is; she's very small and she's in a bioactive big enclosure that is densely planted, so I don't particularly want to just drop 3 or 4 dusted crickets in as I'll have no way of knowing if she's eaten them and then really struggle to get them out in the morning if she doesn't take some of them. However, as she's only just moved homes I'm also very nervous to start handling her and move her to another box etc before she's properly acclimated to her new home!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I would recommend making sure he's eating CGD regularly first, so it's fine to hold off on crickets for a little bit.

    When you are ready, have you considered tong feeding? I do that with most of my geckos to avoid having to hunt for escaped food.
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    I agree to give her some time with the CGD first. I don't see anything wrong with putting a few crickets in there and not worrying about it. She'll either eat them or they'll eventually die.


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