Trying to identify my new cave geckos

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    Default Trying to identify my new cave geckos

    Greetings all!

    I am brand new (just signed up today!) and have been searching around to see if anyone can verify the species of Goniu I have. I suspect G. hainanensis but...anyone else?

    I found this awesome german site but haven't heard anything back from the breeder to date so I'll post their pictures here.
    I've enclosed a couple photos of 2 of the 4 babies I recently acquired and a picture of their parents.

    Thank you kindly!

    Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose

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    They are hainanensis.
    Kelli Hammack

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    Default Woot!

    Awesome, thanks so much! At least now I can venture to the Hainan forum and poke around for specific questions there.


    Amanda Rose

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    is that a Chinese leopard gecko?
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    they are kinda similar..

    but they are cave geckos not leos

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