Master List of Gecko Breeders

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    Default Master List of Gecko Breeders

    So it's my yearly "browse through all the breeder web pages to see what they have" extravaganza, and I keep thinking... now which member are they?

    I've been on the forum for a little while now, and still can't seem to keep straight which breeders are which forum names. Is there an old thread or a list somewhere that has something like

    KellyH = HISS

    GreggM = Squamata Concepts

    that kind of stuff?

    Breeding Genus Rhacodactylus, Uroplatus and Blaesodactylus.

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    HISS - KelliH and stevehiss

    Concrete Jungle Geckos - Mel&Keith

    Ohio Gecko - OhioGecko

    Squamata Concepts - Gregg M

    The Gecko Prince - dprince

    Cascade Vivarium Builders/TC Frogs & Reptiles - Tony C


    Into The Wild Reptiles - Brandonfb75

    R2 Reptiles - robin


    Avangel Reptiles - chazthaking2

    Best Repz - cj.thomas21

    Breeder's Circle - BreedersCircle

    Designer Geckos - Designer Geckos

    Dragoon Gecko - Dragoon Gecko

    Enigmatic Geckos - Enigmatic_Geckos

    Gecko Daddy - chansbrow

    Gecko Ring - GeckoRing

    Gecko Time - acpart and Select Gex

    Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture - SteveGeckosEtc and DebraGeckosEtc

    Herpcam - Herpcam

    JMG Reptile - JMGreptile

    Luxurious Leopards - snared99


    Monster Geckos - Monster Geckos

    MPR - mpherps

    MXWreptile - MXWreptile

    Reptiles by Rekowski - miamimike

    The Perfect Gecko - StatikStepz

    Reptile Industries - Not Registered

    Retribution Reptiles - Retribution Reptiles

    Tangerine Gecko - nwheat

    The Gecko Kid - thegeckokid

    Ultimate Geckos - Mateusz Hajdas


    AC Reptiles - Anthony Caponetto

    Adirondack Geckos - Adirondackgeckos

    Albey's "Too Cool" Reptiles - Albey

    Beck Geckos - Tommy13b

    Black Diamond Geckos - BlackDiamondGeckos

    Boston Geckos - artgecko

    Bright Albino - bro paul

    Cap City Geckos - CapCitySteve and CapCityTim

    Cassadaga Herp - cassadaga

    Celebrity Geckos - MichaelJ

    Central Coast Geckos - C C Gecko

    Chaotic Nights Reptile - Palor -

    Empire Reptiles - gixxer3420

    Fallen Angel's Geckos - fallen_angel

    Garrick DeMeyer -

    Geckcessories - acpart

    GeckoBoa Reptiles - geckoboa

    Geckos of Oz - Quantumhigh

    Ghoulish Geckos - Kristi23

    Granite State Geckos - Syris71

    Healthy Geckos - spykerherps

    HerpEncounter - herpencounter

    Imperial Geckos - Imperial Geckos

    Jett Exotics - porkchopp75

    JJR's Reptile Ranch - turbogex

    JK Herp - Taquiq

    Khrysty's Kritters - Khrysty

    Leopard Gecko Express - 55g

    Leopard Gecko Jakub Dolezel - Doli

    LLL Reptile - LLLReptile

    Miami Leopard Geckos - MiamiLeos

    Oregon Gecko - eric

    Ramsey's Reptiles - crotaphytidae

    Ron Tremper - rtremper

    Palmetto Gecko - yellermelon

    Russo's Reptiles - Russo's Reptiles

    The Bearded Gecko - jandsfannon

    The Gecko Solution - RAlbrecht

    Tiki Tiki Reptiles - Vegas Chad

    Your Gecko Guy - your gecko guy
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    Any members who would like to be listed please post here. I will delete your post after I have added you to help myself stay organized. Also, if you can post your info in the given format website - username that will save me a lot of time and help keep updates timely. If you aren't computer savvy don't worry about it, but for anyone who can post it that way I would appreciate it.
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    Ah this is so great!!!! Thanks for adding me

    *Ball Pythons ~ Leopard Geckos*

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    Can we get the city,state they are in added as well?

    I am personaly looking for a breeder in NC or SC...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncbeast View Post
    Can we get the city,state they are in added as well?

    I am personaly looking for a breeder in NC or SC...
    I don't have the time to do that, but if somebody wants to compile that info and post it here I will update the list.

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    HISS – Fort Worth, TX

    Concrete Jungle Geckos – Pasadena, TX

    Ohio Gecko – Orrville OH

    Squamata Concepts – The Rotten Apple NYC

    The Gecko Prince - CA

    TC Frogs & Reptiles - Albany/Portland, OR


    Into The Wild Reptiles - Bakersfield, CA

    R2 Reptiles -


    Avangel Reptiles - Southern California

    Best Repz - Mesa, AZ

    Breeder's Circle - Miami

    Designer Geckos - Boulder, CO

    Enigmatic Geckos - Corona, CA

    Gecko Daddy - Spanish Fork Utah

    Gecko Ring - Northern California

    Gecko Time - acpart - Somerville, MA and Select Gex - Georgia

    Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture -

    Herpcam - Land of the Rising Sun

    JMG Reptile -

    Luxurious Leopards -

    LZRDGRL - Southern Illinois

    Monster Geckos -

    MPR - IL

    MXWreptile - Europe

    Reptiles by Rekowski -

    The Perfect Gecko - Lake Worth, FL

    Reptile Industries -

    Retribution Reptiles - NE Ohio

    Tangerine Gecko - Central California

    The Gecko Kid - Lake Elsinore, CA

    Ultimate Geckos - Poland


    AC Reptiles -

    Adirondack Geckos -

    Albey's "Too Cool" Reptiles -

    Beck Geckos - ohio

    Black Diamond Geckos - Berkeley, CA

    Boston Geckos - Winchester, Massachusetts

    Bright Albino - Atlanta, GA

    Cap City Geckos - CapCitySteve - Columbus, OH and CapCityTim - Columbus, OH

    Cassadaga Herp - Portland, OR

    Celebrity Geckos - Seminole, FL

    Central Coast Geckos - Central Coast, California

    Chaotic Nights Reptile - Phoenix AZ -

    Empire Reptiles - Dansville, NY

    Fallen Angel's Geckos - Stockton, CA

    Garrick DeMeyer -

    Geckcessories - Somerville, MA

    Geckos of Oz - Las Vegas, NV

    Ghoulish Geckos - IL

    Granite State Geckos - Seabrook,NH

    Healthy Geckos - WA

    HerpEncounter - Florida

    Imperial Geckos - Miami, Fl

    Jett Exotics - Dirty South, TX

    JJR's Reptile Ranch - Allentown, PA

    JK Herp - CA

    Khrysty's Kritters - Moline, IL

    Leopard Gecko Express - Orlando, Florida

    Leopard Gecko Jakub Dolezel - Olomouc, Czech Republic, Central Europe

    LLL Reptile -

    Miami Leopard Geckos - Miami, FL

    Oregon Gecko - Oregon

    Ramsey's Reptiles - Utah

    Ron Tremper -

    Palmetto Gecko - Rock Hill, SC

    Russo's Reptiles - Portland, OR

    The Bearded Gecko - Toronto, Ontario

    The Gecko Solution - Ft Monroe,VA / Danville,NH

    Tiki Tiki Reptiles - Henderson, NV

    Your Gecko Guy - AZ

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    JMG is from NE Ohio and Lux Leopards are from PA.

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    Hey Guys, I am in the process of making something like this that we can all add to, sort of like a Wikipedia (thanks for the great idea Retribution Reptiles!). I've already got the program installed and now I am just configuring it and customizing it. As soon as it is ready for use I will let everyone know!
    Kelli Hammack

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    Default - badhabits727 - southern il
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