Do your leos make it into your dreams? Mine usually only shows up when I've been worrying about him, but sometimes he just butts in for no good reason. Maybe because he lives at the foot of my bed!

Last night I dreamed he was looking up out of the cage like he wanted to go out, so I gave him my hand and two geckos climbed up my arm. Crazy dream-logic told me that the second gecko was his dad who was ... visiting or something? Anyhow, I had to figure out which was which so I could put my gecko back, and I was trying all these process-of-elimination things and something involving which one would drink from a bottle of water (?!) until I suddenly realized, "well DUH, I can just look at the markings!" Turned out the second one was too light-yellow and didn't have a little "heart" on his nose or a "bowtie" on his back like mine, so I knew which was which.

I love that everything in the dream was so wacky but my gecko still had the exact same markings he does in real life. Maybe it was actually his dream.