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Thread: I think my little girl hates me.

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    Default I think my little girl hates me.

    So I have a 1 and a half month old SHTCTB het tremper 50% giant and every time I open her tank. She immediately starts waiving her tail slowly from side to side with out fail. I think she hates me for some reason. My other 2 geckos don't do that at all. Do you guys think its just a case of teenage rebellion and she will grow out of it?

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    Most babies are afraid of everything/everyone. It's natural. If they weren't afraid they would never survive in the wild! As adults they usually become very friendly and unafraid. She will get used to you in time. Be gentle and she will come around.
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    Tail waving like you described is a defensive behavior in leopard geckos. Like Lisa stated, it's a natural reaction. At her age, she's just trying to protect herself by offering the perceived predator (you/your hand) her tail, which she can regenerate. Just take your time with her, and look up ways to tame your gecko so she won't behave that way automatically. If she's a month and a half, my guess is you haven't had her for very long. She may also be stressed by any travel and handling, so leaving her alone as much as possible for a few days may help her as well.
    I also believe some geckos may just naturally be somewhat more open to humans than others. I have a gecko that is still somewhat jumpy, though I've handled her and owned her for several months. My other one, on the other hand, who is most likely significantly younger due to the drastic size difference, is quite open to being handled. She may run a little in your hands but she also will sit happily in my hands and allow me to stroke her back. She even arches her back sometimes when I do! She also has a tendency to lick you if you put some part of yourself close to her nose, like your finger, or if her nose happens to be close to your skin. She is an Enigma-type morph though (my other is wild type het Diablo Blanco), and some people have noticed more relaxed behavior with their Enigmas versus other morphs. All that being said, that doesn't mean that any gecko can't become very sweet and docile pets, because they most certainly can! It just takes time.
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