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    Default Leopard Gecko Breeder- New to it. Tips always help!

    I am new to breeding but I am very excited and enthusiastic about it! We are starting off small, not trying to make a living off of it but love the Hobby. I have done research since I purchased my First one. We now have two Gravid females. This is their first set. I am removing the male so we do not have too many babies running around. I want to do this correctly so I am looking for any kind of tips to help us. Like I said I have done a lot of research and will continue to. I have befriended the people at our near by Pet Store (not a Pet-smart or +++++), they seem very knowledgeable and I have been buying my exotic fish off of them and all my supplies for animals for a while. We have extra tanks and all needed supplies. What are some other things you use for incubation, what kind of hides are best? What about moisture and humidity? Proper testing? Meters to buy and best place to find them? Extra vitamins. All info helps. I do ask that you don't judge us or make mean comments. We simply love the hobby and want to do it correctly and be responsible with it. Thanks in advance!

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    Breeding is exciting no matter how many years you've done it. It's a wonderful adventure. Providing tips goes way beyond the scope of a single thread. However, if you go to, there are 8 years of gecko-related articles on a list, each of which links to the article. There are a number of articles about breeding leopard geckos and you'll get a lot of info that way.
    One thing I will say: leopard geckos store sperm. I had a male in with one of my females for a few days to "do the deed" and she produced 10 offspring total. You're probably going to get a number of clutches even if you removed the male. Good luck!


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