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    Default Clear discharge from an unbred female juvenile

    My female discharged clear liquid from her vent today, and yesterday. She has a poor appetite of late, and poops every other day. (The poop is normal with the urate attached. Her hot side is 89-93 degrees. Her cool 78-80 degrees. Solid substrate (repti-carpet). I am trying to get her a bigger terrariam currently, because she out grew her current one. She has the diet of mealworms and crickets. All of which are dusted regularly with calcium, and multivitamin. She's about nine months old, and weighs 45 grams with a bloated tummy. I see two yellow dots in her belly, so I believe she was ovulating. But she's never been bred with.

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    I'm not experienced, so dont take my word on anything, but ive read that they can sometimes develop unfertilized eggs (eggs that dont hatch), even if they do not mate. I would perhaps put in a egg laying box so she can pass them just in case. Again, not experienced so i wouldn't know.

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