monkey wants a banana

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    Default monkey wants a banana

    Im planning on getting a ball python in march and i love banana ball pythons how much is the average price of just a banana no other genes?thanks for the info
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    I'm not sure on the average price but from talking to folks it seems the market on them is a bit iffy since the gene works in a kind of funny way (which is often funnier to explain!). Any banana offspring produced by a male banana will be 100% male. They are often called "male-makers" because of this. Female bananas have a 50/50 chance of producing a male or female. Therefore female bananas are much more expensive than males. The market pricing for them has dropped quite a bit since the male/female thing became known but I'm not sure its stabilized yet. I don't follow BP prices to know what they are anyhow.

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    Too bad that snake is one of my top scary animal, I really do not know how to overcome a fear while seeing a snake, a trauma and phobia kicks in.

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