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    I am new to the whole reptile world so first thing I have done is lots of research. Through lots of reading I hear this is the place I should be for all my questions. However my first obstacle has been using this site lol. I have tried uploading pics and keep getting a message saying "not a valid format". I am pretty versed in computer use so I am not sure why I am having so much trouble. I have uploaded many pictures to many different sites and have never had a problem. I am using .jpeg format.

    I have lots of Leo questions but needed to learn how to use the site first.

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    I also tried to upload a picture from my computer and couldn't do it. So far (except for the pictures which isn't your fault) you're doing fine using the site. The biggest challenge for new people is usually putting their posts in the correct sub-forum, and you've got that down. I'll forward your (and my) problem with the pictures to the site owner. It often takes him quite awhile to respond, but eventually we should get it solved.


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