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    Hey everbody! I just joined thing forum today, and have had my first ever reptile, a baby fancy leopard gecko from ++++++++, for about 3 days now. I've always had pets and all kinds of different types, but never a reptile and wanted to give it a try. So far I love having my gecko, Sonny. He (or She, not sure yet) is very moody, tried to bite me a few times which is actually kind of cute, hasn't really eaten, but seems pretty healthy. His heated mat side is about 85-88 degrees F (but I don't have a thermometer yet so not certain) and the cool side is around 72 F. Although stressed, he seems pretty happy and quickly adjusting, but now to my questions.

    How long does it usually take for a new baby gecko to start eating? He's ignoring the mealworms i'm giving him, so I just started using a gatorade cap outside it's warm hide as a food tray, still nothing. Could I have given him a bad experience with food by placing them close to him with my hand while he was still scared of my presence? Should I switch to crickets...should I try tong-feeding instead? Since I got him he hasn't touched any of his mealworms.

    His cool side is much more decorated than his warm side, and he seems to be sleeping in the little tree cave I made for him, but I'm afraid he will become too cold in there! Is it unusual for geckos to spend extended times outside of their warm spots? Should I try and cozy up his warm side with some artificial moss I used on the other side?

    What's the best and least stressful way for a new gecko to become tamed? I obviously want to handle him as soon as he will let me, but I don't want to rush the process! Should I just wait another week before bothering him just so he gets used to the sounds and schedule of his new home?

    The decorations in his tank are a bit foresty, will this confuse him as leopard geckos don't really live in forest biomes?

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    Welcome to GF and congrats on your new gecko! Sometimes it takes them upwards of a week to get comfortable. Do you think the temperatures you're estimating are on the floor or in the air? If it's in the air, the hot side may be too hot for it. I highly recommend you get a reptile digital thermometer with probe which is on sale at most pet stores for less than $10. You could try a few crickets and see if that makes a difference. I recommend you wait to handle it until it seems to be eating. It will be fine with foresty decorations because it doesn't really know where it should be living! Let us know if you have any more questions.


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    The first couple of weeks are always stressful both for new owners and geckos. Just take it slowly and implement what other people are doing successfully with their animals. And don't panic! haha

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