I have a pair of mated Leopard geckos that I want to find a good home for. These poor babies have been passed from house to house..

The originally belonged to an ex manager of mine, and she moved into a place where she could have a certain amount of pets, so she gave them to a co worker of mine, hes getting evicted so I took them in till I could find a permanent home for them.

There slightly tame, and are getting better as the days go by.

There are both about 5-6 years of age, in good health. About 50 Grams each when I last weighed them

The female has a regrown tail.

I'm asking 20$ for each

or 35$ for both.

I'd like them to go to the same home together if possible

I'm in the bay area of California

dublin / pleasanton / livermore

I'd prefer not to ship them

Its possible the female is pregnant. Shes either not or not far enough along to tell