For sale is:
1.1 pair of 2012 black pastels het pied for sale. Asking $1,000 for the pair

1.1 Juvie pair of crested geckos. Male is a flame (red) and the female is an orange tiger. Asking $100 for the pair

8 month old female PURE Suriname red tail boa. This girl is gorgeous! Asking $350

Adult male Children's python, 3 yrs old. Ready to breed asking $100

Adult male red western hognose, ready to breed asking $90

Preferably local sales in south NJ, but willing to travel to NJ, PA, DE or delivered to Hamburg, PA reptile show or the Maryland Reptile show in Havre de Grace.

All are OBO feel free to email me at: for pics or any questions/concerns. I should have pics up soon