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Thread: Heat Packs??

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    Default Heat Packs??

    Admins - Wasn't sure what section to put this in, so please feel free to move where you see fit.

    Hey Guys,

    So I was just wondering do heat packs ever expire? I was about to ship out some animals, and grew concerned about the heat packs. The heat packs I would have been using (I haven't shipped yet), were purchased before last winter (over a year ago). Would these heat packs still be safe to use this year? Or should I buy new ones? I opened one, and it still seemed to heat up.

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    I moved it to the "shipping" section.
    If there's no "use by . . . " label on the heat pack, I'd just continue using them.


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    They DO expire, and there should be a small expiration date printed on the plastic pouch, typically on the edge.

    If the heat pack is unopened but STIFF, that indicates it is no good, and won't heat up at all.

    Heat packs typically come with an expiry two years out or more, so they aren't quick to expire, but you do want to pay attention when using them, to be sure you are going to get the effectiveness you need.

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