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    Default Amphiuma Care: Keeping one of the World's largest (& Toothiest!) Amphibians

    Measuring up to 45.6 inches in length and armed with the teeth and attitude of an angry watersnake, the Two-Toed Amphiuma (Amphiuma means) is the largest of North America’s amphibians. Although quite a handful, it is also a fascinating creature, and with proper care may live past the 30 year mark. Due to a lifelong interest in large, aquatic salamanders, I tend to ramble on when writing about them. Therefore, I’ve covered the Two Toed Amphiuma’s natural history in a separate article (please see this article). Today we’ll take a look at its captive care. Read the rest of this article here Amphiuma Care: Keeping one of the World?s Largest Amphibians | That Reptile Blog
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