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    I have one kitten and her name is Peach. I am very fond of her. I bought her few months back from a local shop and now she's just like my new family member. Now she is very familier with me and my family members, I have bought another one because I wanted to get a good friend. I am very happy to have these two members in my family. But I have not got the name for my other one. I am looking for a similar name like 'Peach'. Please suggest me a name like Peach.

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    "Melon"? Or "Cream" like Peaches and Cream?

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    Yes Cream is also good but if it would start with letter P it would be great. Although I have given her a temperory name Preto but I need a cute name.

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    Thanks for these two names. Now , I have chosen a nice american name Pam from I love this name 'Pam'.

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    My niece cat name is pammy, I am cat person. Would be nice if you can attach some picture of your cats

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