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Warning/Infraction System for TOS Violations utilizes a warning and infraction system to deal with TOS violations. A warning is just that... a warning, and no points are assessed. An infraction is a TOS violation which is assigned a certain number of points; small infractions such as Signature Violations are worth 1 point while more serious infractions such as Threatening Physical Violence on Another Member will be worth 5 points, etc.

Please note that although not each and every violation will invoke infraction points, they can still carry penalties such as having your post deleted, or your thread locked.

The following is a list of infractions and the amount of points a member will be given for each TOS violation:

Classifieds Violation - 1 point
Quoting From a Non Published Source - 1 point
Signature Rule Violation - 1 point
Failure to use full name in the Business Inquiries section - 1 point
Avatar/Profile Picture Violation - 1 point
Soliciting Business or Posting Ads in the Discussion Forums - 2 points
Solicitation for Donations without the permission of the site Administrator - 2 points
Posting a Link to an Executable File (.exe file) - 2 points
Spamming/Inapropriate Advertising - 2 points
Profanity/Inappropriate Language - 2 points
Posting an Image or Document Without Permission From the Owner - 2 points
Personal Attack Against a Business or Breeder - 3 points
Personal Against Another Member/Individual - 3 points
Incessant Harassment or Off Topic Posts aka "Trolling" - 3 points
Prejudicial Remarks or Slurs - 4 points
Antagonism Towards a Moderator or Administrator - 5 points
Posting Obscene Material, Links or Images - 5 points
Posting Under Another Member's Username/Account in a malicious manner or to purposely impersonate another member - 5 points
Threatening Another Member With Violence - 5 points
Sexual Harassment - 5 points
Registering Multiple User Accounts to Bypass a Ban - 20 points

Each infraction given will expire after 12 months.

Once a member accumulates a certain amount of points, they will be suspended and/or banned.

If you accumulate 10 points - account suspended for 2 weeks

15 points - account suspended for 1 month

20 points - banned permanently

Once a member accumulates 20 warning points, they are banned permanently, however they can be allowed back at the discretion of the site owner.

Please take the time to read each section of our T.O.S.