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    Default cool side too cold

    I'm new to all this and I'm setting up a tank for a future gecko. So I'm having trouble with the cool side of my tank, it's just too cold. It's about mid to upper 60s when it should 70s and I have no clue how to heat it without going too far or spending another 90 bucks for another thermostat, which ain't an option as I've already spent 200-300 dollars. Honostly I'm getting annoyed after spending a month tinkering with this thing.

    This is literally the last thing that needs doing and I'm out of ideas, is it heat mat placement or do I need heat lamp or what? So shoot I'm all ears!

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    Your house ambient temps and the location is to cold. That is why it's so low. Either move the tank to a warmer section of the house or raise the cool zone cheaply by using a $5 clamp light at Home Depot and a couple dollar 60w blue or red bulb on the cool end of the tank. Make sure you secure it completely so nothing knocks it off or it falls off. If your hot spot is in the 90'sF with a warm moist hide you will be all set.
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    I don't worry about cool sides being too cool unless they drop below 65 degrees. If that's the case then I would get a light and suspend it above the cage to raise the air temp a few degrees. As long as your gecko has a warm 90 degree belly spot and hide over it they should be okay with upper 60s.
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    Thanks for the replies! Actually shortly after posting this I remembered the made night heat bulbs, so mabey I could attach one to a dimmer and use it to warm the area? Though after reading DrCarrotTail's post I did a quick temp reading in the cool hide and it seems to be about 65.5-66.9 in and around the hide. So now I'm wondering is it ok?

    But of course no sooner did I post but the same problems resurfaced with the warm side not staying warm enough because I moved the probe to the suface so I could use the thermometer on the cool side. So I'll have to attach the UTH to the bottom after all! >.< Well better to run into these things now than when I have the lizard I guess.

    What sweet adorable headaches geckos are! X3

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