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    Hello. We have all types of feeders available at extremely competitive pricing. Follow us on Instagram for special offers (@miamiworms) like the one we have going on right now... We are doing a free giveaway contest of 1,000 Superworms for FREE.

    Here's a hidden page for our Instagram followers with Free Shipping incase you want to order 1,000 superworms for just $25 delivered - more options available at reduced pricing as well:

    Miami Worms

    We have:

    Crickets - all sizes
    Mealworms - all sizes
    Superworms - all sizes
    Wheat Bran
    Escape proof worm dishes
    and more....

    Come check us out.

    For a fast response, you can also text us at 305-967-4953.

    Thanks for looking.

    Miami Worms
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    We have recently added Hornworms, Butterworms, and will soon add Phoenix worms, and dubia roaches. Check us out.

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