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    Default New gecko book release: The Leopard Gecko Advisor

    The Leopard Gecko Advisor is now available on the market. Written by Ray Roehner of Designer Geckos, this book is a cutting edge guide on all things leopard gecko, with special emphasis on high quality leopard gecko care and husbandry.

    For further info on the book check out the website at:
    For signed copies of the book, purchase the book through this website or through Leopard Geckos For Sale | Designer Geckos.

    It is also available at Amazon. The Leopard Gecko Advisor: Ray Roehner: 9780692026274: Books

    Proceeds from the sale of the book to benefit reptile rescue operations worldwide.
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    Thanks, Ray. I'll get a copy and review it for Gecko Time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by acpart View Post
    Thanks, Ray. I'll get a copy and review it for Gecko Time.

    Thanks. Send me an email with your mailing address and we'll send you a copy.

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