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Thread: Is 75 to big?

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    Default Is 75 to big?

    I have been wanting to get a pair of female cresties for awhile now
    but am waiting for a expo show to come near me this December.
    Anyway, I would love to use an old 75 gallon tank and go crazy with
    tring to make it something special for them but was unsure if this
    would be to big even if i place a few food and water spots around
    for them.


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    Its not too big. Just remember that the bigger the tank, the harder it is for your geckos to find food, especially if its insect food like crickets. When it comes to cresteds its not so much and width you want in a tank, its height. Cresteds like to climb so having a deep tank is better then having a wide tank. Usually about 10 gallons per gecko is enough to keep them happy. Ex: 2 geckos = 20 gallons etc. But as long as you mist the tank 2 times a day to keep humidity up, 75 gallons should be plenty enough for them.

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    Thank you so much for the reply.

    Any thoughts on a self contained shallow water fall
    or having an automatic fogger run a few times a day?

    Just want to do the right thing.

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    So after thinking it over, I do not want to take the chance on these two fighting at
    all and will split my tank. My question is, what do you think will be best to split it?
    Glass, screening, plexiglass?

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    I think splitting it would be a good idea. Aside from potential fights the huge area may make them feel insecure. I'd split it into three or four parts or use something that is smaller and easier to clean thoroughly on a regular basis. Running a waterfall or fogger may provide too much humidity. You want the tank to get to normal room humidity for a few hours a day at least. Even misting once a day is too much for some of my bins with ventilation only at one end. If your gecko are both female I doubt they will be trying to get to each other and fight so the divider doesn't have to be super strong but should be secure. Not sure it matters a whole lot which material you use as long as it stays put
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    I've been considering the same idea--dividing up a 125 gallon tank I have into several "slots" for cresties. Idk what to divide with though.
    I was thinking about those black sunshades with suction cups, like the kind you use for a baby in a car? Does anyone else think that might work?

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