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    Hi Guys,

    Just found this guy on Kijiji and he is selling 2 barking frogs, 1 firebelly toad, 1 crestie and a day gecko. I haven't found out if he is keeping them in the same cage yet, but he is only advertising 1 cage with the family.

    My question is, can you keep 2 males of different genus in the same cage? I didn't think you could put any males in the same cage... as well he is keeping all that (as far as I know) in an 18x18,24 exo terra which I don't think is big enough.

    Anyways any input I can get is great! My girlfriend wants to get them and it is quite the first reptile setup for anybody but it is a great deal (plus I have years of experience with rhacs)

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    In general, it doesn't work to put different species (not to mention different genera) in the same cage, especially one that small. If you do get this, I would strongly advise choosing one inhabitant for the enclosure and coming up with different enclosures for the other creatures. If you're not going to be able to do that, you may have to pass on the deal.


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    Default General Lizard Question

    Also I wouldn't put anything in with the firebelly toad that may drink from or come in contact with it or its water. Their skin excrets a toxin that is poisonous to other fauna.
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