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    Default Incubating created gecko eggs?

    So I currently have 3 eggs on vermiculite water mix 1/1 ratio by weight but I've read most people don't use incubators but in my room It can get very hot and get pretty chilly it jumps a lot so I'm curious what tempature you would recommend me keep them at and how moist should I keep the incubation medium?

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    I don't breed cresties, but I do breed gargoyles and it's about the same thing. I also incubate the eggs because of my home temp fluctuations. I incubate at about 75 degrees , I use the SIM, so the eggs are suspended above the substrate. Previously I was using perlite with 0.8 water to 1.0 perlite in a closed container.


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    I would recommend 68-78 degrees F. There is no temperature sexting with cresteds. In the past few years people have been stating.... the longer you keep a crested gecko in the egg, the healthier and more nourished the gecko will be. I recommend sticking within these temps. The cooler temps will produce better babies. It may take a little longer but it will be worth it.

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