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    I have had a leopard gecko now for three years. Since the end of the summer he has been having vision problems. We have absolutely no herp vets around here. I took him to a regular vet and they said it was probably an infection and they gave me cream to put on his eye and told me to change his substrate. I had been using some eco earth dirt for about around 2 years and he loved it, but I changed back to reptile carpet. He stoped eating and became more lethargic and slightly agressive-which he has never been. Well we noticed his vision getting worse, so my mom did research and someone said to stop the medication because it'll make it worse, to give him a bath every other day in warm water and plain pedialyte, and to cut off the heads of worms and dip them in meat flavored baby food to get him to eat. It worked for a few days, but now he turns his head. We have been able to get him to eat maybe 3 worms in two weeks. He is also shedding now about twice a month. The last shed was bad. He has some stuck in his eyes.
    My humidity dial broke but I'll be getting a new one today when I go to town.
    Temps: Day time 85/ Night time 75.
    Substrate: reptile carpet
    Vitamins: A tiny bit of D3 calcium mixed with regular dusted in worms when he eats.
    Terrarium: I think 30 galons, heat rock with a hammock above that he loves, a cool side hide with moss inside, a warm side hide, food and water dishes with easy access. Under tank heater on one side and in the back of the same side another heat pad.
    Please help me! I don't want to loose my gecko! How can I get him to eat? How can I get his health back? He is loosing a lot of weight. How can I get the shedding out of his eye? Should I restart his medication? Thanks!

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    Non reptile vets can sometimes cause more damage than good. I would highly recommend trying to find a reptile vet in your area or within driving distance. Do you have an under tank heater for her or how are you heating the tank? Lights can sometimes irritate their eyes and stress them out and they need belly heat to aid in digestion, 90F floor temp on the warm side.

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    Heat rocks are not recommended at all they heat in evenly and can cause burns to reptiles
    For feeding you could rub the side of his mouth to get him to open it then put a crickets in that opening that is how I got my friends baby leopard gecko to eat crickets, or you can rub under his mouth to get him to open it

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    If the floor temp is 85 it needs to be a bit higher. If the air temp is 85, it may be too hot. Here's an article about eye problems in leopard geckos with too much heat:
    Eyelid Dysecdysis in Leopard Geckos - Gecko Time - Gecko Time


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