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    Default Gecko In New Viv Keeps Hanging Upside Down

    I just put together my new 18x18x18 exo-terra tank, currently with paper towel lining, a large rock hide, a small log hide, a few rocks, several lives plants (awaiting my shipment of ABG mix soil for potting so I can start developing a bioactive substrate) and a mushroom ledge. I introduced my gecko to the new enclosure and have been maintaining the same feeding and misting schedule, with a break in handling for him to adjust. The only problem is that I've noticed all he's doing is hanging from the screen lid of the enclosure. He moves around at night, because I hear him jumping around a lot, but he always ends up back on the lid and stays there all day. I'm wondering if this is a problem, or if I should be concerned?
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    I don't know if you've got an answer on this yet but when i first got my basilisk she was doing the same thing. I asked around and was told it was cause she wanted to get higher in the terrarium and it was probably too small. It has since grown and she doesn't do it anymore. In your situation it kind of seems strange since it is 18 inches in height.

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