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    Okay so in short I rescued this gecko (I often rescue animals or help others rehome them.) so I dont entirely know his history but I am going to fill out the health form to the best of my abilities. He hasnt eaten in the 6 days i had him and his conditions were less than optimal uppon arrival to my home. I am working on improving those conditions as my pay allows (also dealing with a Chameleon with too much phosphorus. -_- +++++ broke her before i got her so vet bills are insane). I am including pics in case they help!About your leo:- Sex: Male- Age: Unknown-Weight: 20g- How long have you owned your leo: 6 days- Where was he/she obtained (ex. Pet store, breeder, wild caught, friend): Family friend got him from +++++. I got from that person as a surrender.A) Health/History- How often do you handle your leo: infrequently as he is nippy at the moment- Is your leo acting any different today? If so how does he/she normally act which differs from now.: No change in behavior that I know of- Has he/she had any problems in the past, if so please describe.: he got a little bump by a water bowl during transport to my house but nothing else I know ofB) Fecals- Describe (look any different than normal): No fecals only Urate- When was the last time he/she went: Unknown as he only goes in his hidey hutC) Problem- Please briefly describe the problem and how long it has been going on:Hasnt eaten in the 6 days i have had him and found uneaten food in his cage on arrival and clean out.Housing:A) Enclosure- Size: 10 Gallon tank to be upgraded soon- Type (ex. glass tank): Glass Tank- Type of substrate: Paper Towel, Reptile Carpet- Hides, how many, what kind: 1 dry hide, 1 Humid hideB) Heating- Heat source: Lamp and Belly heater- Cage temps (hot side, cool side): Unknown need new thermometer - Method of regulating heat source: Thermostat was broken on arrival need new one- What are you using to measure your temps: Again i need a new thermometer- Do you have any lights (describe): Ceramic heat and UVB shared with a veiled ChameleonC) Cage mates- How many (males, females): Non- Describe health, or previous problems: n/ADescribe Diet:A) Typical diet- What you're feeding (how often, how much): Mealworms 5-10 on direction from previous owner hope to switch to Dubias with my Cham.- How are you feeding (hand fed, left in dish, ect): Dish and attempts at hand feedingB) Supplements (describe how often)- What vitamin/minerals are you using (list brands): Calcium with D3 Tetrafauna Reptical- What are you gut loading food with: fruit and veggies
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