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    Default Male Leos Not Eating

    I have 3 breeding pairs, housed in separate 12x18x24 Exo-Terra tanks. I've noticed over the past several months that the males in the tanks are not eating as regularly as the females. This occurred both during and after breeding season. The males appear to be healthy - active, good color, shedding regularly, etc. - they just don't like to eat. All of the femaies eat a regular diet of dubias and superworms - no problem.

    I was thinking their lack of eating is related to them being housed with females and a terminal need/want to breed. Anyone agree? Should I try putting the males into a separate feeding tank and providing their food there vs in the main tanks that also have the females in them? Any and all suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated...Thanks.

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    In my opinion, if the gecko is active and healthy and not notably losing weight, it doesn't matter how much he's eating. I find that the males tend not to eat much early in the breeding season, but by this time of the year they are not trying to breed anymore. Most of my geckos are starving this month but in about a month they'll go way down on their eating. I'd recommend continuing to offer and not worry about it.


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