Hi everyone,
So, I’ve got a really complicated situation going on with my geckos, and I could really use some help figuring out what is going on. I have 8 leopard geckos in my home, and 6 of them are blind. Each one of them has their own reason for their blindness, and each has a different intensity. Around 6 months ago my friend bought her first gecko from a reptile show, and not knowing what to look out for she ended up with a blind gecko herself. Immediately she found herself having problems to get him to eat. Since she knew I had dealt with this issue myself in the past she asked me to check out the situation. When I got there to see things for myself I found a gecko made of skin and bones, with the skinniest tail I had ever seen. She told me that he was like that when she bought him, and that the breeder didn’t give her much information on him when she got him other than he was a few months old and was a male. I helped her the best I could and gave her all the suggestions I could think of. Nothing really seemed to be working for her, and after so many months of him eating only one cricket every now and again, she was getting to discouraged to continue trying things. She turned to me once again and asked if I could take him in for awhile to see if I could get something to work that she couldn’t, knowing I had dealt with many blind geckos. I agreed to taking him in, and right away noticed the same issues she had been describing with getting him to eat. After trying every idea, I had gotten to work in the past without success, I decided to try the last thing I could think to attempt. I placed my friend’s gecko in with my oldest and blind gecko. Immediately they got along perfectly, and he began eating as if he had never had a problem. Due to how well this plan seemed to work, I have been keeping them in the same enclosure for a few weeks now. Everything seemed to be working great, until the past week. I have noticed that her gecko has become even thinner than when he came to stay with me, which I didn’t think was even possible. While he’s gotten thinner, he has been eating increasingly well. Another thing I just recently realized was that all of the fecal matter in the enclosure is entirely runny. Along with noticing problems with her gecko, I have noticed issues starting with my gecko. She has a seemingly very bloated belly. At first, I thought that she was pregnant due to her being female and him being male, but after noticing all of these other issues I am no longer sure that this is the case. She has also changed in personality. I have spent an immense amount of time handling her over the years I’ve had her and she is my most affectionate gecko. Lately she will no longer let me pick her up, and today she began showing signs of aggression with her tail when I placed my hand in the enclosure. Along with this her appetite has gone down drastically. I am not sure what is going on with this situation, and it seems like there could be numerous things playing into it. If anyone has any ideas or think they may know what is happening I would be super grateful to hear your thoughts. I will try anything to keep from losing them. Thank you in advance for any responses!