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    I just wondered if anyone knows if you are allowed to transport a couple of lizards from UK to spain..via aircraft?My dads lizards have had babies and i want two. I have looked at the defra site and it states that you can bring them, but need relavent certificates...etc.Has anyone travelled on a flight with any reptiles...obviously keeping them warm would be a problem as i dont think they would be allowed in the seating area. I just wondered if any airlines would transport them?

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    I am unfamiliar with the shipping rules in Europe. You will need to call the airline and find out exactly what kind of certificates you need and whether you will need to send the lizards via baggage or not. You will also need to contact either a herpetological society in your country or a reptile breeder in your country and ask how international transportation of reptiles works. There are regular reptile shows in Hamm, Germany that are attended by breeders and keepers from all over Europe. You can find the Hamm reptile show website on the internet. Look for breeders in your country and perhaps one could arrange to transport the reptiles via Hamm for a fee.


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