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    Question Gecko staying on cool side of enclosure

    My leo Enzo has been staying on the cooler side of his enclosure. He seems to be fine. Eating, pooping, coming out of his little house to check things out. I just wonder why he wants to live on the cooler side. He hasn't always done that. Is this something that might indicate something wrong or is it no big deal? The cooler side is 78-80 and the warm side is 88-90 according to my analog temperature gauges.

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    If the air temperature picked up by the analog gauges is that high, it may be that the surfaces are too hot for him on the warm side. I strongly recommend monitoring the floor temps on the warm side using an infrared temp gun or a digital thermometer with a probe that can be laid flat on the floor.

    If it's too hot, you can use a rheostat or thermostat to turn down your heat source.
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