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    Default Really complicated questions!

    At least for my brain right now.

    I am getting 2 females - a SHTCT 66% Het Bell (from a male SHTCTB het bell and HT het bell female) and a SHTCT (from a male SHTCTB het bell and HT het bell female).

    This year (A)the SHTCT 66% Het Bell was bred to a snow het bell. (B)The SHTCT was bred to a Hiss Bell hybino and seems to be proven non-het bell. I know I have the chance that any further eggs may be from these previous breedings.

    I have 2 normal males, unknown hets (doubtful if het, but I'll be trying to breed the next generation to see ) They can be seen here:
    Gollum seems to have a bit of tang to him, especially on his legs, and a few smidges of orange on his tail. Smegal seems all normal to me. Hatchling pics of the boys are there too. If its sunny soon, I'll try to get pics outside in the sun ... the best lighting I can do!

    My questions are:
    1) what might I get as a result of (A)?
    2) what might I get as a result of (B)?
    3) Tang is linebred correct? So if Gollum has bits of tang...then I might be able to work on developing tang from his offspring, especially bred to a tang right?
    4) and I can't remember - is carrottail linebred or genetic?

    I swear, some days this all makes sense to me and other days I feel like my brain is MUD!
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    1: If we see the SHTCT as normal and we don´´t think it is het Bell you´ll get:
    25% normals , 25% normals het Bell , 25% MS , 25% MS het Bell
    Let´s say both were het Bell:
    12,5% Normals , 25% normals het Bell , 12,5% Bell , 12,5% MS , 25% MS het Bell , 12,5% MS Bell

    And than you have the linebreed SHTCT

    It´s not totaly clear how intense it will infect the outcomes. Maybe all your normals are SHTCTB or just normals or most likely SHCTs dunno for sure.

    2: I would say that one is also an SHTCT 66% het Bell right?
    Well I´´m not that good but if it´s het Bell you can get 50% het Bell and 50% Bell.
    And to the colours... hhhmmm sry can´t tell this. I would say a Hybino is a SHTCT Albino or SHTCTB Albino. So if yours is het you´´ll get 50/50 SHTCT het Albino / Bell Hybino but that´´s what I´´m thinking(can be wrong someone plz help^^). If I´m right and it´s no het that you´´ll get wonderful coloured SHTCT maybe Baldys het for the lovely Bell Line^^

    And to the other questions Yes^^ and I think you can work it out but it will bea big project if only a bit tang and you´´ll need a few other tangs to work it out(or pairing with the hybino^^)

    Hope could help you and I think it should be right what I´´ve written. If not please correct me We live to learn.


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