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    No problem Monte Q!
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    Just bumping this up with some screen shots and details for how to do an advanced search that I put together today for another thread - thought it might be helpful to others as well.

    Here is how to do a quick advanced search:

    (Forgive me if you already knew how to do this, someone mentioned it might be helpful to you to post)

    Click on Search in the menu bar - and then select "Advanced Search" from the drop down menu.

    Type gutload in the search field box and then to narrow down your search results, click the dropdown arrow next to Search Entire Posts" and select Search Titles Only

    Since there is a category specifically related to what you wish to search for, you can further narrow your results by selecting: Feeding/Feeders from the Search In Forum(s) list

    (If you want to add additional Forums to your search, just hold down the control button and click each one, this will highlight/select all the ones you click)

    Once you have selected/highlighted the forum(s) that you want the search results from, click the Search Now button at the bottom of the page

    You search returns any thread with the word gutload in the title from the "Feeding/Feeders" forum

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    thanks for the screenshots! Makes things way easier to understand
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    Search function is very useful to find the suitable thread we wish to participate.
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