...trade me your backup camera for a bunch of new geckos to outcross with your enigmas (or other morphs)

I have a CANON S3, but want to upgrade to a DIGITAL REBEL or other model of CANON DSLR that i can use with my Canon Speedlite550EX flash.

ALL offspring on my available page are from my breeders which were purchased from AMGecko or Dan/Hot Geckos by me during 2006/2007.
these geckos are non-enigma bloodlines, and represent many varieties and patterns which would make awesome crosses...

75% of the geckos are carrying striped genes, and are from my personal stripe projects, including mack and eclipse, many are possible het TREMPER, some are possibly het RAPTOR.


the geckos on my site total $1715 as they are listed
including several on hold (by me)
[these are not all of my geckos obviously...]

contact me to discuss details, I'm easy to talk to