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    If u turn your iPhone on it's side u don't have to zoom or struggle reading threads and it's just as good if not better than on a computer. Portable Gecko Forums beats angry birds hands down hehe
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    Default <- I found that with a quick search of google.

    seems like tapatalk is working for a lot of people though.
    Tapatalk, for other forums I'm part of, has never let me logged into a few of them, I don't get that.

    If anyone wanted to make a mobile version of GF, you'd need to get the admins to let you dig in their source code unless they're using a generic skin (hasn't been here long enough to investigate)

    I'm actually a senior web design student who's now taking a class in mobile development. I could take GF on as a class project, but something tells me taking on a large forum would be cake once the basic idea of the code was knocked out, but possibly tedious to apply it everywhere, depending on how the forum is set up *isn't too familiar with V-bulletin*

    it can also be pretty difficult because mobile companies right now are fighting to have the best browser, so you pretty much have to code for each individual browser in some cases.
    Have to make sure it looks good and is easy workable with an Iphone as well as a blackberry, who's screen and ways of navigating are quite different.

    I'm actually making a mobile version of a breeders site for my first project.

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    well on tuesday im either getting the motarola droid of the iphone when i get one i well tell you how it is.

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    I haven't read thru the thread, but would this work with the iTouch as well?
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    (I wish). i would love that to i have to keep zooming in to the screen i looked it up on google play but nothing

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