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    Unhappy in a tough situation

    my leopord gecko leppi is a male lepord geko that ive had for about five years. we got him from a freind who said he was a rescue and the leopord gecko is now said to be around fifteen years old. he is eating good he but he is not pooping much and his sides appear to be changing colors. now for the quetions: shoulkd i let him be or should i do somthing like put him down or smthing. my food supply is limited because i grow my own mealworms and im now on a shortages

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    take him to a vet?

    buy some more food?

    or give him to someone that will properly care for him

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    Please fill this out so we get a better idea of what may be going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leppisrocks View Post
    my food supply is limited because i grow my own mealworms and im now on a shortages
    Why not buy some mealworms or crickets in the meantime? They're not that expensive (and one gecko doesn't eat that much).

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