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    Default New D. galeatus

    Hi guys! It's been a long time since I've posted at Gecko Forums, let alone started a thread. I used to breed geckos while in high school in large numbers. If you're interested you can read my post about that titled "Being a Teen Gecko Breeder". I sold them when I went to college. I'll admit it, I bred crested geckos in college in my dorm room.. but don't tell my resident assistants .

    Now I'm graduated, educated (right?), and back in the gecko game. I've always wanted D. galeatus and I'm excited to finally have some.. Here are photos of the guys I picked up. Looks like I have a female who's already gravid!

    Matthew Kammerer
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    Beautiful animals Matt! I'm glad to see you posting!
    Kelli Hammack

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    love these guys. One day I'll give them and Nephrurus (again) a try.

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