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    Default Wild southern leaf tails in my garage

    Hi there,

    I realise this forum is concerned with gecko keeping and husbandry but I wonder if anyone will be able to help me with my concerns over some southern leaf tails that have moved in to my garage/laundry. I am newly arrived from UK and living on the central coast of NSW so have not had too much experience with reptiles.
    Basically, about 8 weeks ago, 2 geckos took up residence in the alluminium sink in my laundry. I thought "great, that will help to keep down cockroaches and other pests" and decided to leave them there. They were joined by a third, smaller leaf-tail after a couple of weeks.
    I assumed they were climbing out of the sink to hunt at night and sheltering there during the day. I thought that geckos would be able to scale the sides of the sink without any problem but I have to say that I have never seen them leave the sink.
    Today I found the smaller gecko dead and I wonder if I should move the remaining 2 out of there.
    Would be grateful for any advice suggestions...
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    I have to admit I know nothing about this species, but looking at those toes I would take them out. They have claws and that pretty much makes it impossible to climb up stainless steel. Pretty cool having those just running around your house.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am tempted to take them out.
    A gentle nudge of the survivors with my finger achieved pretty vigorous threat responses so it's hard to believe they've had no sustenance for 2 months....
    I'm a bit in the dark really, I don't want to move them if they're happy.

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    Get them out of there, set them somewhere else in the garage if you want to keep them around. If they really want back in there, they'll find a way. But like reptile nut said above, they have obvious claws and not toe pads, so they more than likely can't get out on their own. Leaving them there will more than likely lead to death since they can't hunt much food in the bottom of a sink... & Agreed with above post, wish I had these around locally! Where I live I'm lucky enough to have Tokay geckos all over, and they are no fun :x

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    Thanks, I'll get them out of there straight away.

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    Rather than fishing them out every time they happen to drop in- big basin sinks tend to attract a lot of insects and spiders, which in turn attracts their predators- I'd probably... y'know... place something in there that allows easy voluntary egress. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, jam a big stick in there from corner to corner so that they can get up and out on their own. Anytime you need to use the sink, move the stick and potentially any geckos hanging out in the sink.
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    Brilliantly simple, Seamus. I was planning on saying that til I saw how you chimed in, and I'm a bit surprised it hadn't been said already.

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