View Poll Results: Did your gecko eat the first time you fed it?

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  • Yes, my gecko ate all the food

    63 53.85%
  • Yes, my gecko ate some of the food

    23 19.66%
  • No, my gecko ate none of the food that I provided

    31 26.50%
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    got my first 2 geckos last night and wanted to check if they would eat, and i tell ya, both of my girls are pigs. they ate 5 big criquets each after about 1 hour in their new home. i guess they feel confortable after passing 30 mins in my coat on the ride back home from the breeder. (getting cold here in canada/quebec :P )

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    Most of mine ate the first day they came home, and then not again for a few days or a week.

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    First time owner, we brought our trio home and set them loose in their 30g home to explore around 2pm. Served up dinner around 8pm (both meal-worms and small crickets) and they chowed down just fine. One of the girls even does this rattlesnake thing with her tail when she hunts, provides a good bit of entertainment.

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    I have 4 all ate within 24 hours of adapting to new terranium

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