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    Default John from GeckoBoa

    Just wanna put out there how AWESOME John from GeckoBoa is!!! Not only are his Leo's awesome, but he was ALWAYS willing to email back and forth to answer all my MANY questions while searching for my progect females!!!!! I can't tell you how much time he spent chatting with me, emailing, and taking and sending updated photos so i could make decisions on which females I wanted for my project!!!

    A+++++++++++++++ Breeder and I recommend to anyone!!!!!!!

    Melissa Borden
    Phoenix Geckos

    Loved by 2 Chihuahua's (Bindi and Frodo)
    & 3.4.0 Leopard Gecko's

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    He is really great to work with and I will be getting a couple from him next week. I cant wait!!! I would recommend him to anyone! so Melissa what did you get?
    Christina Helms
    Sunshine Geckos

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    Thanks Melissa and Christina! You both are awesome!
    John Scarbrough
    Facebook Page

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    We, too, are pleased with the three female Leos we received from John. He is a credit to the hobby. Thanks, John!
    Shannon Hiatt
    Gecko Gallery, Texas

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    Default Geckoboa is awesome

    I'd just like to agree with everyone about the above excellent experience I had ordering geckos from John. What a pleasure to communicate with and the quality of the geckos were amazing, I really could not be happier. Above and beyond any seller I've ever dealt with, truthfully.

    I ordered a male and female Tremper giant 50% possible super giant, they are gorgeous!!!!

    Jennifer Lister Shaw

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    Thanks again everyone! We really appreciate it!
    John Scarbrough
    Facebook Page

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    I must say John is an exceptional breeder and in a breed of his own. He has wonderful geckos and is always there when you have a question or need some suggestions. He even helps you plan ahead and keeps you in the loop of possible upcoming geckos, so you know what to expect. Thanks John for everything!
    Jamie (One day to add High Desert Geckos to that) lol

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