Got my first ball today!
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    Default Got my first ball today!

    I'm very excited, she came today!
    Shes a 2011 captive bred.
    She doesnt look like a "normal" to me though.

    I'm going to weigh her tomorrow and take some pictures, but I don't want to stress her out anymore tonight.

    I'm guessing by her size shes a month or two old (I'm going to have to email the breeder - I was too excited to ask when he was here). Would a rat pup be a good size food item for her? I may have a post a picture.
    I was told she eats frozen no problem, I am very happy about this

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    I would love to see a picture I can give you a visual id. Depending on how big around she is determines how big of food you give her. you don't want it to be bigger around than she is in her mid section.

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