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    Default need some help choosing a snake

    I have finally got settled in to a new spot in orlando for school and i am able to have a reptile here. I have been thinking of getting a snake and would like some help with some suggestions. I want a snake that gets about no bigger then 5-6 feet smaller is fine. I also want a snake that does not get huge around though like a blood python. I want to be able to handle the snake so I want some thing that is cool with coming out.

    I am fine being bite a few times if it is a snake that is known to be nippy when young or to get to tame down. I have access to many type of feeders besides lizards or frogs.

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    Corns are nice and easy.

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    Corns normaly make good begginer snakes. There are some king species that are tamer like my grey banded, which also seem to be common sale down here in FL. Though be wary of other species of king like the popular black mexican which imo, is a little foul tempered. There are rosie boas which are basicly flexible sticks XP. They are a tad round though, still small enough for easy handling. Also really popular latley seems to be red tail columbian boas. Lots of...personaility. Unfortunetly i can give you any good advice with temper. A friend has 7, each is its own snake. One of them is very very nippy, then he has another which has no issues. Then again, he has a blood python that has never shown any agression twoards maybe he just has weird snakes XP. Th only other snakes i have experince with are Balls, which are great great beginner snakes and Kenyan sands, who as ive found out do not care for human interaction(i get bit often.)
    Please, please tell me what they looked like,
    Did they seem afraid of you?
    They were kids that I once knew..

    Name: samuel jackson.

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